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The purpose of the Newbattle High School web site is to provide information to the local and wider communities about the school and its activities. This information may include photographs, illustrations, downloadable documents and other information - these and any other content may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission. If you wish to request permission, please contact the school.

The school will attempt to ensure that the content of this web site is current and accurate, however we cannot guarantee this.

Some hyperlinks on the school web site will take you to web pages outside of - although every care is taken to ensure that these links are valid, the school is not responsible for the content of web pages other than those held on the school's domain and the school's Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr accounts.

Statement on Use of Photographs

Newbattle High School wishes to use photographs of learning and teaching in order to celebrate the success of our pupils and staff. Newbattle High School, along with Midlothian Council, follows the BECTA guidelines on using images and video safely on school websites.

As of March 2012, when any new pupil enrols with us, they and their parents/carers are asked to explicitly give consent to us using their photograph. We have obtained retrospective consent for all pupils currently enrolled with us. A few pupils do not have consent, and we have gone through a process of ensuring their image is not on the website. In the case of photographs of pupils who left us before March 2012, we are assuming consent - but will remove any image upon request.

All pictures used on this website have been chosen in good faith. However we respect that staff, pupils and parents/carers should always have full control over their images. Therefore if any photographs have been incorrectly included by accident, or if a parent/carer or pupil wishes to withdraw their consent at any time, then we will remove the photograph from the website at the first opportunity. If you wish to contact us about any individual photograph, email the webmaster at, giving the web address of the page containing the photograph.