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Former Pupil: Ashleigh Gray

(left to right) Lorraine Cormack, Jayne Macdonald, Ashleigh Gray

An Ace Day for Ashleigh

written by Alison Thayne

Ex-pupil Ashleigh Gray took to our stage on the 14th February 2001 thinking that she was going to be talking about her new academic life in a London college. Little did SHE know!

Newbattle Community High's Ace Day took place in our main hall. There, many pupils participated in activities which would help them learn about further and higher education. Many ex-pupils also attended the Ace day in which they helped our third year pupils learn about life beyond secondary school.

Ashleigh was invited onto the stage, where Mr Taylor proceeded to ask her questions about how her new life in London, studying performing arts and what she had to do in order to get there.

Ashleigh was telling of her many qualifications and achievements when a strangely familiar voice announced from behind the curtain that she was going to be a star for a night! Jane McDonald from the well known BBC Television programme Star for a Night burst onto stage with her camera crew. Ashleigh was absolutely overwhelmed and was left speechless. Tears of happiness streamed down her face as her family appeared alongside her on the stage. Lorraine Cormack who has nurtured Ashleigh's voice since she was in First Year, rushed to congratulate her. The whole school was absolutely gobsmacked that Jane McDonald was here at Newbattle, but so proud of Ashleigh, and everyone wished her all the best when she appears on television.

Ashleigh will always be a star in our eyes.

Good luck, Ashleigh!

An emotional day for Ashleigh
Ashleigh and her mum
Jane Macdonald appears on stage
Ashleigh and her Mum