2008 Newbattle Staff Photograph

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Joanne Vyse (PE) Shona Wilkie (Music) Lisa Fuller (Modern Languages) Wilma Frame (Geography/Acting PT Guidance) Anya Reynolds (Art) Duncan Sangster (Depute Headteacher/Art) Graham Moffat (Depute Headteacher/Biology) Colin Taylor (Headteacher) Margaret Ferguson (Depute Headteacher) John Wilson (Depute Headteacher/English) Lynne Lamb (Support for Learning) Lynsey Nimmo (Positive Behaviour and Learning Officer) Rachel Taylor (Maths) Gillian Carruthers (English) Laura Parsons (Music) Mary Cameron (Library) Andy Pilcher (Music) Sarah Wozniak (English/PT Guidance) Melissa Mann (Home Economics) Helen Hannan (PT Home Economics) Louise Wood (Biology) Lindsay Munro (English) Lisa McKenzie (English) Caroline McGregor (Maths) Maria Halliday (PT Support Base) Claire Bocian (Biology) Louise Beveridge (Support for Learning) Lenny Stewart (Support for Learning) Christine Burt (Admin Manager) Margaret Smith (Office) Catriona MacTaggart (Music) Stephen Dennis (Music) Suzie Wanstall (PE) Mark Baxter (PE) Marion Macinnes (Office) Caroline Galloway (Support for Learning/Reprographics) Margaret George (Support for Learning) Jill Morton (Support for Learning/Reprographics) Gail Jackson (Office/Support for Learning) Karen Rintoul (Office) Brian Walker (PT History) David Hogg (PT Modern Languages) Marjorie Pryde (Support for Learning) Susan Bennett (PT Science/Biology) Lee Grieve (Office) Hannah Henry (RMPS) Joyce Knox (PT Business Education) Mandy Gill (PE) Andrew Wilson (PE) Diane Falconer (PT Positive Behaviour/Business Education) Karen Reid (Support for Learning) Janis Hogg (Modern Languages) Anne Miller (Maths) Helen Heneghan (Art) Ann Hall (Maths) Pamela Inglis (Art) Carmel Stoney (Drama) Nicola Watson (PT Guidance/CDT) (English) Peter Gray (PT Art) Andrew Sealey (CDT) Richard Watt (CDT) Chris Smith (SFA) Bob Foley (PT PE) Mark Davidson (Acting PT Maths) Joe Moore (Geography) Liam Porteous (English) Doug Mitchell (English) Angela Wynne (Biology) David Watkins (Maths) Colin Inverarity (Acting PT Geography) Hermione Syme (Modern Languages) Keith Knox (CDT) John Ramsay (Midlothian Council) Sandy McPake (PT Physics) Catriona Gracie (Home Economics) Annette Whyte (PE)