1998 Newbattle Staff Photograph

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Kathy Conway (LSSN) Adrian Marchant (Maths) Lesley Archibald (RME) Miss Rachel Potts (English) Deborah Maconkey (English) Evelyn Adams (Office) Agnes McKenzie (APT English) Claire Thom (Biology/PT Guidance) Pearl O'Connor (Auxiliary/Reprographics) Phineas Sloan (Head Janitor) John Kent (Assistant Headteacher/Geography) Mike Viola (Physics) Maureen Ritchie (Support for Learning) Anne Hubbard (Support for Learning) Steve Wren (Maths) Catherine Thomson (Music) Elizabeth McKeon (Music) Gordon Smith (Headteacher) Jim Murdoch (Physics/PT Guidance) Albert Harris (English) Rhonda Schofield (PT RME) Andy Pilcher (Music) Aileen Cairns (Home Economics) Jennifer Russell (English) Paddy Smith (PT Home Economics) Anne Slaven (Office) Bill Tait (Art/PT Guidance) Hermione MacTaggart (Modern Languages) David Hogg (PT Modern Languages) Liz Douglas (APT Maths) Mary Cameron (Library) Alan Gilroy (Chemistry) Sheila Leverett (PE) Sandy McPake (PT Physics) Janis Hogg (Modern Languages) Chalmers Smith (PT Outdoor Education) Lorraine Cormack (PT Music) Morag Lyall (Chemistry) Duncan Sangster (Assistant Headteacher/Art) Graham Moffat (PT Biology) Margaret McKenzie (Modern Languages) Christine Burt (Office) Bob Martin (PT Guidance/Maths) John Ramsay (Technical/PT Guidance) Christine Hamilton (PE) Trevor Leach (PT Maths) Pat Phillips (PE) Susan Bennett (Biology) Keith Knox (Technical) Bob Clark (PT Chemistry) Diane Falconer (Business Education) Jim Crichton (PT Technical) Charlie Blyth (PT Business Education) Colin Inverarity (Geography) Anne Miller (Maths) John Gillespie (PT PE) Peter Gray (PT Art) John Cunningham (PT Geography) Brian Walker (PT History) Craig Stebbing (Maths)