1993 Newbattle Staff Photograph

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??? (Modern Languages) Jean Taylor (Modern Languages) Shampa Ray (Maths) David Smith (RME) Anne Connelly (PT RME) Deborah Maconkey (English) Heather Ritchie (Office) Bett Fearnley (Maths/Learning Support) Edie Pool (Office) Elizabeth McAlpine (Music) Jim Noble (Depute Headteacher) John Kent (Assistant Headteacher/Geography) Sheila Birss (Assistant Headteacher/English) Phineas Sloan (Head Janitor) Alan Hickman (PT Physics) Claire Thom (Biology/PT Guidance) Eileen Forrest (Office) Gordon Smith (Headteacher) Tommy Lawson (Assistant Headteacher/Computing) Andy Pilcher (Music) John Ramsay (PT Guidance/Technical) Charlie Blyth (PT Business Education) John Cunningham (PT Geography) Diane Falconer (Business Education) Colin Taylor (Assistant Headteacher/PE) Janis Hogg (Languages) David Hogg (PT Modern Languages) Donald Robertson (Technical) Lorraine Cormack (PT Music) Pat Phillips (PE) Kenny Oliver (Technical) Sandy McPake (PT Physics) Anne Miller (Maths) Keith Knox (Technical) Peter Gray (Art) Bob Martin (Maths/PT Guidance) Jim Crichton (PT Technical) Bob Jenner (History/PT Guidance)