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Pupil Support: Guidance and Social Education

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Guidance at Newbattle High School forms part of the integrated Pupil Support structure, along with Learning Support (and the Learning Hub) and various external agencies.

The School Guidance System

The main purpose of the Guidance System is to enable all pupils in the school to make the best use of their educational opportunities, and to provide help and support when needed. In delivery of guidance to pupils, all staff should be involved at various levels depending on their specialised skills and areas of responsibility. All pupils in the school are organised into one of three houses - Moorfoot, Pentland and Lammermuir.

Aims of Principal Teachers (Pupil Support)

Principal Teachers of Guidance support every pupilThe Pupil Support department aims to:
  • Provide a point of personal contact for every pupil.
  • Provide a point of personal contact for parents and carers.
  • Promote two-way liaison with colleagues in order to optimise pupil development.
  • Monitor progress and achievement across the whole curriculum for all pupils.
  • Offer support and guidance to pupils on any issue which affects their development and achievement.
  • Help pupils to appraise their strengths and weaknesses and to review progress.
  • Help pupils to manage anxieties.
  • Prepare pupils for adult life in respect of being responsible for their own educational and vocational progress, by defining their aspirations, making informed decisions and negotiating the steps necessary to move forward.
  • Be involved in developing curricular organisation and teaching   methods which suit the educational and vocational needs of all pupils.
  • Work with external agencies and other professionals as appropriate.
  • Link & liaise with the Pupil Support Group, Over 12 Forum and Over 16 Forum as appropriate.
  • Plan and support pupils in the transition from P7 to S1.
  • Promote and develop structures and processes to ensure the efficient achievement of the aims listed above.


The provision of Guidance to all pupils in the school is achieved through the House and Homeroom pastoral system together with the Social Education (SE) programme, and is organised primarily through the promoted Principal Teachers (Pupil Support).

The Promoted Pupil Support Staff, comprising six (Full-Time Equivalent) Principal Teachers, deliver the Social Education programmes. They, with the Homeroom Teachers, and under the leadership of three Depute Head Teachers, also form the three House Teams charged with delivering pastoral care to all students. Find out who your child's Pupil Support (Guidance) and Homeroom teachers are on this list.

House/Homeroom System

The Guidance BaseEach pupil/student is assigned a homeroom (or registration) group in one of these houses under the charge of a teacher known as the group’s homeroom teacher.  Each homeroom group stays together from the first to the fourth years. Find out who your child's homeroom and Pupil Support (Guidance) teachers are on this list.

The House/Homeroom system is seen as a very important part of the overall Pupil Support strategy, and is based on the allocation of a member of staff as Homeroom Teacher to every class in the school. The role of the Homeroom Teacher is to act as "first-line Pupil Support" Teacher and member of the extended Guidance Team, who will be in daily contact with the pupils in their class, and will have constant links with the House Pupil Support Staff involved with their respective class groups.

Social Education (SE)

All pupils are allocated one period of Personal and Social Education (SE) per week.  This lesson will be taught by their Pupil Support Teacher and allow for a regular point of contact.  Newbattle’s Personal and Social Education programmes focus on a variety of topics which allow for natural progression from S1 to S6.  These focus areas include:

  • Health Education (Alcohol Awareness, Anti-Smoking and S.H.A.R.E)
  • Careers Education (Coursing, Monitoring, Tracking and Target Setting)
  • Further and Higher Education (UCAS, College Links and Study Skills)
  • Social and Vocational Education (Working with Others and Work Experience)

Furthermore, the course is linked closely with Curriculum for Excellence and incorporates the six Health and Wellbeing organisers:

  • Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical Wellbeing
  • Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood
  • Planning for Choices and Change
  • Substance Misuse
  • Food and Health
  • Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport

The aforementioned organisers have been highlighted by the government as a vital part of each child’s education and, at Newbattle, we have integrated them into our programmes of work for your children.

In S1 and S2, the SE course covers topics such as Settling In, Study Skills, Bullying, Smoking, Alcohol, Citizenship, Health, Sex Education and Disability.

In S3, pupils will explore the following topics: Anti Social Behaviour; Healthy Living and Eating;  Sexual Health and Relationships; Study Skills;  Anti Bullying;  Heart Start Training;  and Self Esteem and Mental Health.  At the end of each topic pupils should have sufficient knowledge to allow them to have a well founded opinion and to make informed choices about their lifestyle and future.  Pupils will benefit from input from a number of external agencies such as the Community Police, MYPAS and Skills Development Scotland

The S4 PSE programme is predominantly concerned with Work Experience.  Pupils will focus on this topic from the outset of S4 and will engage in sessions on Health and Safety and The Importance of Equality and Fairness in the Workplace, alongside the familiarisation with the WorkIT database, which they will use to record their work and locate placements.

All pupils will complete their Work Experience placement in October.  This experience is designed to give pupils a one-week taster of the world of work.  Should they source their place of work personally, they will gain an National 4 unit on successful completion of the placement, as this requires the pupil to show increased initiative and the process can be somewhat demanding.  Should they opt for a placement advertised on the WorkIT system, they will gain a National 3 qualification on successful completion.  Either way, the qualification is acknowledged by employers and colleges and proves that pupils can cope with the demands of the workplace.

The S4 PSE programme also embraces many of the topics outlined in ‘PSE: An Overview’, such as Anti-Bullying, Alcohol Awareness, Creation of a Curriculum Vitae, Sexual Health and Relationships Education and Study Skills. 

The S5 PSE programme continues to expand pupils' knowledge and develop their skills and values to enable them to make informed decisions in a range of situations concerning health, relationships, academic progress and careers. Pupils are encouraged to take an active participation in their learning. Methods used include group and class discussion, role-play, case studies, questionnaires and quizzes. Most lessons are delivered through PowerPoint presentations, supported by outside speakers.

The Social Education course in S6 deals with areas including work, careers and University and college applications. The school works closely with the Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS).

Careers Advice

Careers advice provided by qualified Skills Development Scotland staff and our own Pupil Support Staff is available to pupils throughout their time in the High School.  See our Careers page.

Meet the Staff

Ms M Hume
Ms M Hume,
Depute Head Teacher with overall responsibility for Pupil Support
Mrs S Ramsay
Mrs A Tweedie,
Pupil Support Assistant
Miss L Nimmo
Miss L Nimmo,
Positive Behaviour
and Learning Officer (maternity leave)
Ms A McGeechan
Ms A McGeechan,
Careers Advisor
Mrs E Watson
Mrs E Watson,
Home School Practitioner
Ms H Beaumont
Ms H Beaumont,
Educational Psychologist

Lammermuir House Team

Mr John Glen
Mr John Glen,
Head of Lammermuir House
Mrs E Bruce
Mrs E Bruce,
Principal Teacher (Monitoring and Tracking)
Mrs L Lamb
to be appointed,
Pupil Care and Welfare Officer

Moorfoot House Team

Head of Moorfoot House
Ms Fiona Williams-MacDonald,
Head of Moorfoot House
Mr L Porteous
Mr L Porteous,
Principal Teacher (Monitoring and Tracking)
Mrs L Lamb
to be appointed,
Pupil Care and Welfare Officer

Pentland House Team

Mrs M Hume
Miss Wendy Craig,
Head of Pentland House
Mrs W Ross
Mrs W Ross,
Principal Teacher (Monitoring and Tracking)
Mrs L Lamb
to be appointed,
Pupil Care and Welfare Officer

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