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Dance at Newbattle

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Dance at the Fashion and Dance show 2011

Dance at Newbattle is a growing and successful part of the PE department, both in the S1/S2 PE curriculum and the Expressive Arts column choice for S3. Selecting Dance as a curricular option can lead to a National Qualification at the end of S4 in the form of a National Progression Award. Dance is highly energetic and builds agility and flexibility as well as cooperation and thinking skills.

S6 Dance at the 1000×1000 exhibition in 2009

We give all of our pupils the opportunity to take part in dance as:

As part of their dance courses, pupils will learn to work on teacher-led and self choreographed dances. They will investigate a variety of styles of dance (e.g. contemporary, Scottish, hip hop) and will learn how to choreograph dance and pick music and themes.

In S3, pupils are given the opportunity to choose which two of the Expressive Arts they wish to specialise in. For full details of the choices available, see the S3 Coursing Handbook.  Courses in S3 will deliver experiences and outcomes, which will prepare pupils for appropriate National Qualifications in S4. 

The S3 dance course is aimed at those pupils (male and female) who wish to take dance to a very high level. The course will focus on skills and techniques and will prepare dancers for a high level award working with PE staff and visiting staff. Pupils must be committed to two periods of dance per week, and be prepared to perform their work in front of others.

Pupils will be working on Experiences and Outcomes at Third and Fourth Level. The course prepares pupils for the National 5 course in Dance in S4.

Pupils get the opportunity to demonstrate their dance skills at school events and at Midlothian dance festivals and will work with PE staff and outside coaches as part of the course.

Meet the Coaches

Miss N Kelly,
Teacher of Dance
Mrs S Fegen
Mrs S Fegen,
Teacher of Dance

Examples of Pupils' Work

  • More photos of our pupils in dance shows can be viewed on our Flickr site: dance photographs
S4 dancers Candyman at the 2010 Dance ShowS3 Dancers Technicolor at our Dance Show 2010

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