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Physical Education (PE)

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The Senior Girls' Basketball TeamBeing active and feeling well physically, mentally and emotionally allows every child in our school to have a happy, active and fulfilling life in school: burning energy, learning new skills, and meeting new people from different groups. The PE department plays a vital role working together with Home Economics department to ensure a strong ethos of Health and Well Being for every pupil and our community.

In PE we have excellent facilities with a swimming pool, Games Hall, Dance studio, full size Astro Turf pitch, and grass Football and Rugby pitches.The school is situated in extensive grounds excellent for all Outdoor Learning , with views over Midlothian. The department is staffed by experienced and highly motivated staff with a wealth of knowledge in many sports to assist you in your Learning and activity.

The PE Course in S1, S2 and S3

Pupils joining Newbattle in S1 have worked with our PE staff since Primary 1, as we have an excellent outreach programme where all PE staff work in our associated Primary schools to deliver a high quality PE lessons to every child. On transferring to the High School, we maintain that high standard with our broad general education from S1 until the end of S3, where each pupil will work across the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

All pupils attend PE for two hours every week in S1, S2 and S3, with the option of additional periods in S2 and S3.

The Rugby Academy in December 2009The S1 and S2 curriculum includes:

  • Indoor sports: Basketball, Racquets, Fitness
  • Pool: Swimming skills and water confidence, to allow every child to swim a minimum of one length (top up courses provided free)
  • Outdoor sports: Hockey, Rugby
  • Expressive Arts: Dance
  • Summer: Athletics, Rounders, Tennis
  • Local Environment: Four local guided walks lasting 45 minutes

In S3, all pupils will have one periods of PE a week. Pupils can also choose to specialise in Dance as one of their choices in the Expressive Arts, and pupils can choose to take 3 further periods in S3 as their Health and Wellbeing choice. For full details, see the S3 Coursing Handbook. Courses in S3 will deliver experiences and outcomes, which will prepare pupils for appropriate National Qualifications in S4. 

All pupils will follow a common general course in June, before choosing to follow one of the two courses shown below:

  • Performance PE - this course will be suited to those with a love for sport and being healthy. Pupils will work on movement skills in five weeks blocks of indoor sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis and Swimming, and outdoor sports such as Football, Rugby or Hockey.  Sports will be selected to suit the class.

The course will focus on achieving the best practical performance and, through theory sessions, giving pupils a good knowledge and understanding of the sports studied.  Pupils will learn to analyse performance using peer observation, video, and model performers. Life and Work skills, as required to work in the leisure industry, will also be introduced, as well as personal and group leadership. Suitable kit must be worn for all options. There is no cost for this course.

Pupils will be working on Experiences and Outcomes at Fourth Level.  The course prepares pupils for qualifications in PE at National 4 or National 5 in S4.

Lead 2014 Training
  • Recreational PE - This course aims to help pupils stay fit, learn new skills in a variety of sports and activities, and build confidence in working with others to prepare for working life.

There will be five week blocks of recreational sports such as Badminton, Short Tennis, small sided games, swimming and life saving, as well as activities using the local environment, such as our innovative walking trails and environmental work. The group will sit down in August to plan the activities for the year.

Suitable kit will be needed to meet the needs of the course. The only costs will be for any occasional visits to local sports facilities such as Hillend, the Royal Commonwealth Pool, and leisure centres. Pupils will be working on Experiences and Outcomes at Third and Fourth level.

  • Dance: the Dance course is an option aimed at those pupils (both male and female) who wish to take Dance to a very high level working with PE staff and outside dance coaches. This course will lead pupils to a National Progression Award.

PE courses in S4, S5 and S6

In the Senior phase, pupils work on courses that lead towards National Qualifications at the end of S4, S5 and S6.

In S4, S5 and S6, pupils can choose to take courses in the PE department. Each course takes five periods per week. For full details of the courses available, see the S4/5/6 Coursing Handbook. Courses currently offered in the PE department in S4, S5 and S6 lead to awards in:

  • Physical Education at National 4, National 5 and Higher levels. following Basketball, Football, Badminton and Swimming as main Sports. Other sports may be added to suit pupil and class strengths.
  • Dance at National 5 level. Find out more on our dance page.
  • Sport and Recreation Skills for Work award at National 4 and National 5 levels: this course builds on pupils’ knowledge of Physical Education and teaches them how to work in a sports centre and begin to coach young pupils in the basic skills in various sports. It is an excellent course for building self confidence and leadership and to gain the skills required for working life. This course will also work closely with Sky Sports Living for Sport  Mentors.

Sky Sports for Living Mentors working with Senior pupils

After-school Sport Clubs

The school has a huge choice of lunchtime and after school Sports clubs, in sports including Basketball, Netball, Dance, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Cheerleading, Golf and many more. Ask Mr Anderson or any member of PE staff or your homeroom teacher for details or watch the Noticeboards for details. View the timetable here.


Meet the Staff

If you have any questions about the work of the Newbattle High School PE department, please email Mr Foley at the school.

Mr R Foley
Mr R Foley
Principal Teacher (Curriculum)
(Health and Wellbeing)
Mrs S Fegen
Mrs S Fegen, Principal Teacher (Whole School),
Teacher of PE
Mr D Anderson
Mr D Anderson,
Teacher of PE
Miss L Middlehurst
Miss L Middlehurst, Principal Teacher (Whole School),
Teacher of PE
Miss N Kelly
Miss N Kelly,
Teacher of PE
Mr H Flett
Mr H Flett,
Teacher of PE
Mr J Reynolds
Mr J Reynolds,
Teacher of PE

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