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Home Economics

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Home Economics is a life skill. Our aim is to equip young people with skills and knowledge, which will encourage good health throughout life.

an S5/6 Hospitality class



The Home Economics department comprises three fully equipped kitchens that are able to accommodate twenty pupils in each room. There are also a further two classrooms: a fabric studio and a teaching room.

The department also has a Hospitality Suite, pictured at the end of the page.

The Home Economics Course in S1, S2 and S3

P7 pupils making cakes in the Home Economics department on their induction dayS5/6 Practical CookeryFrom S1 until the end of S3, all pupils will experience a broad general education where they will work across the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

In S1, pupils will attend Home Economics for one period per week, and S2 will see pupils taking two periods of Home Economics every week. These periods are split between theory and practical classes. During their time in the department, S1 pupils will learn to work in the kitchen in a safe and hygienic manner and will also undertake two Design and Make projects in Fabric. In S2, pupils study Nutrition, Consumer Studies, Technology in the Kitchen and Current Dietary Advice.

In S3, pupils are given the opportunity to choose which of the Health and Wellbeing subjects (Home Economics or PE) they wish to specialise in. For full details of the choices available, see the S3 Coursing Handbook.  Courses in S3 will deliver experiences and outcomes, which will prepare pupils for appropriate National Qualifications in S4. 

The S3 Home Economics course will build upon the pupil’s prior knowledge in Nutrition, Practical Food skills, Food Safety, Scottish Dietary Targets, and Fabric Work.  It will focus on giving the pupil a broad knowledge of each subject, and will include both theory and practical work.  Home Economics will be suited to pupils who are interested in healthy living, developing practical food skills and fashion.  It is a subject that can therefore be of practical use throughout life.  Further, it is a subject that can open many doors to employment e.g. in education, the health services, and the growing hospitality industry.  
Pupils will be working on Experiences and Outcomes at Third and Fourth Level. The course prepares pupils for qualifications in Health and Food Technology or Fashion and Textile Technology at National 3, National 4 or National 5 in S4.

As in S1 and S2 there will be a cost for this course.

Home Economics courses in S4, S5 and S6

In the Senior phase, pupils work on courses that lead towards National Qualifications at the end of S4, S5 and S6.

In S4, S5 and S6, pupils can choose to take courses in the Home Economics department. Each course takes five periods per week. For full details of the courses available, see the S4/5/6 Coursing Handbook. Courses currently offered in the Home Economics department in S4, S5 and S6 lead to awards in:

  • A Higher Lifestyle and Consumer Technology classHealth and Food Technology at National 5 or Higher level. This is an academic based subject, which still offers practical activities.  Students develop a knowledge base in product development, which is enhanced by a project where students investigate and develop a product of their own choice.  This course is ideal for any student considering a career in dietetics, teaching or a health related profession.
  • Early Years Education and Childcare at National 3, National 4 and National 5 levels. This course provides an introduction to the care, learning and development of children aged 0-12 years. It offers entry level for students who have identified early education and childcare as their possible career path.
  • Hospitality: Practical Cookery at National 3, National 4 or National 5 levels. This is an practical course. Students will learn to proficiently use a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes when following recipes
  • Fashion and Textile Technology at National 3, National 4, National 5 or Higher level. Fashion and Textile Technology qualifications provide practical and experiential opportunities to apply skills relevant to, and develop knowledge and understanding of, the fashion and textile industry. These Courses enable learners to develop an understanding of a range of factors that influence fashion choices made by individuals and society. The main purpose of the Course is to develop the practical skills, textile construction techniques and knowledge and understanding which support fashion/textile‐related activities. The knowledge, understanding and skills that learners acquire by successfully completing the Course will be valuable for learning, for life and for the world of work. This Course is practical and experiential. Learners will plan, make and evaluate detailed fashion/textile items. There will be a financial contribution required for this course.
  • Practical Cake Baking at National 5 level.

Meet the Staff

Mr R Foley
Mr R Foley,
Principal Teacher (Curriculum)
(Health and Wellbeing)
Mrs C Gracie
Mrs C Gracie,
Teacher of Home Economics
Mrs F Bain
Mrs F Bain,
Teacher of Home Economics
Miss N Miller
Miss N Miller,
Teacher of Home Economics
Miss D Kerr
Miss D Kerr,
Learning Assistant

Health and Well Being Staff

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